Archives: Things Said and Done
Never to Forget 12/19/10
What Can We Know? 12/05/10
Conversation with a Quiet Hero 11/21/10
Another Band of Brothers 11/07/10
A Halloween Conversation with Tom English of Dead Letter Press 10/24/10
Going . . . Going . . . Gone! 10/10/10
Birth of a Nation 09/26/10
An Island of Compassion in a Sea of Hatred 09/12/10
While My Shelves Gently Weep 08/22/10
Hell is Murky 08/08/10
Where All Paths Lead 07/25/10
Sometimes a Hero is Not Always Heroic 07/11/10
What the Forest Knows 06/27/10
In the Jungle with George 06/13/10
Between Mortality and the Everlasting 05/30/10
It Really was All About Rabaul 05/16/10
Raiding the Pages of History 05/02/10
Long Ago But Still Remembered 04/18/10
Too Many Books, Too Little Time 04/04/10
Diamond Greatness 03/21/10
What Does Evil Look Like? 03/07/10
Tell Me Tales of Blood and Glory 02/21/10
Bastardizing History 02/07/10
Don't Judge a Book by Its (Inside) Cover 01/24/10
Of Books, Love and Blood 01/10/10
Life Out of Death 12/27/09
Lest We Forget 12/13/09
Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Dine 11/29/09
For What It's Worth 11/15/09
The War My Parents Witnessed 11/01/09
A Man of the Infantry 10/18/09
Tales from the City on a Hill of Beans 10/04/09
In the Thick of It: A War Correspondent's Discovered Journals 09/20/09
How Reading Helped Me Lose Weight 09/06/09
Tasting All the Shelves 08/23/09
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