BiblioBuffet is looking for passionate readers who are also excellent writers. You do not need to have clips (though we like those), but proper English skills are a given. The ability to meet deadlines is crucial, as is integrity and openness. Most importantly, can you give us writing worth reading? If so, we’d love to hear from you. But . . .  as with many other sectors BiblioBuffet has been affected by the current economic difficulties. Effective February 19, we can no longer pay for contributions. This may last through the end of 2012, but as soon as it is possible to resume payment we will. We are committed to paying all writers for their work. 

We publish the following types of work as long as the pieces are original (that is, they have not appeared in any magazines, newspapers, websites, or blogs—book excerpts excepted), and relate in some way to reading or books, or related subjects such as censorship, literacy, book festivals, publishing trends, interesting independent bookstores, literary history, bookselling, personal or public libraries, etc.

  • Book reviews (particularly of books and publishers overlooked by mainstream review media)
  • Personal essays
  • Editorials
  • Commentary
  • Humor
  • Interviews
  • Profiles of people, places or things literary
  • Excerpts from upcoming, recently published or re-issued books with a bookish theme
  • Short stories with a bookish theme

We are not looking for journalistic type of pieces that are “here today, gone tomorrow.” Because we are a weekly publication, we cannot and do not compete in breaking stories. Rather, we specialize in presenting thoughtful pieces that use personal perspectives and individualistic approaches to explore anything that catches our contributors’ interests. This can but does not necessarily include current news and issues. Please note that we do not use pieces on or about writing. Contributions should run between 600 and 6,000 words, though we can be flexible on the upper range.

Regular contributors: At this time, we are closed to applications from those seeking to join BiblioBuffet as regular contributors. We cannot say when we will re-open, but we will post a notice here as well as on our blog when we do. We are, however, accepting guest contributors for our BibliOpinions section; please see below for details. 

Occasional or one-time contributors: This column is always open to contributors. We consider individual submissions of any type (as noted above) though book reviews are rarely among them. Please send the complete piece rather than a query. Note that if you are interested in being considered for a regular column BibliOpinions is the place to start. Our writers, past and present, have been selected not only because they have excellent writing skills but because they have a intriguing point of view or a unique personality from which they write. It is that style that is BiblioBuffet’s strength.

Guidelines: All contributors are given great latitude in their choices of books to review, authors/writers to interview or essay subject matter. However, we do not review books that contain or profile writers who use the following in their writing:

  • Profanity for profanity’s sake
  • Violence against or experiments using animals—not at all
  • Unnecessary or explicit violence against women, men or children
  • Glorification of hunting, killing, rape, war; abuse of people or animals
  • Hatred based on gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or other arbitrary factors

This does not mean that writers and books need ignore the darker side of life. Genuine, thoughtful exploration of life is always good whether in fiction or non-fiction, but we do not promote its glorification.

We only review books we believe are worthy of readers’ attention and time. (All genres except business, self-help, true crime, New Age, and romance are eligible for review consideration.) Honesty and integrity are essential components of our reviews, and no payments or other gratuities are solicited or accepted. Note that we occasionally review self- or vanity-published books, but they must meet the usual traditional publishing standards to be considered. 

Rights: We require exclusive rights while the column is “live” (two weeks.) After that, rights revert to the writer, though we reserve the right to archive the article indefinitely on a non-exclusive basis.

Contacting BiblioBuffet: If you are applying to become a regular contributor please note this in your initial contact. Though we may require a trial period, you should specify your interests and experience. Include the following in your initial query:

  • A title (or two) for the proposed column
  • A short description of the proposed column
  • Six specific ideas for future columns
  • One clip (preferably on books or reading) if you have it; if not, include one sample publishable column
  • A brief description of your writing background, reading interests, and current book(s) on your nightstand

If you are submitting a single piece, please send it along with a short bio of yourself. We have high standards so be sure your work is the best you can make it.

If you are submitting clips or sample columns, again, they must be your best work because they are the pieces upon which you will be evaluated.

All submissions should be pasted into the body of the e-mail submissions form and directed to Lauren Roberts, Editor in Chief. Though we normally respond within three business days, please allow two weeks before checking with us. We thank you for your interest in BiblioBuffet.

Nicki Leone
Managing Editor
Publisher and Editor in Chief


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