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Behind the Words at BiblioBuffet
It's a blog. Not just any blog, but one in which you can share some of the goings-on behind each week's issue. We won't tell all but we will share some fun things about the work behind the website.

From the Editor's Desk: Lauren Roberts
It’s so hard to say good-bye, but the time has come to bid adieu. Lauren uses her final editor’s letter to do some reminiscing about the people, the books, the stories, and the role that all made up BiblioBuffet.


A Reading Life: Nicki Leone
When life hands your lemons, goes the old saying, then make lemonade. And that is precisely what Nicki did seven-and-a-half years ago. The “lemonade” has since turned out to be very sweet—with books infiltrating every part of it.

BibliOpinions: Guests
Looking for good works you may not be able to find elsewhere? As a kind of round-up of the publishing houses that Lauren added to her editor’s letter each week for several years, the final BibliOpinions column is a compilation of those along with links and brief descriptions.

Book Brunch: Lev Raphael
Personal memoirs run the gamut from self-indulgent to historical. But rarely do they reach such a level of penetration as Lev’s story of his reconciliation between his family’s past and his own present. Even further depth was probed by the perceptive questions posed to him about his experiences and this book.

Bookish Dreaming: Gillian Polack
When you have the opportunity to read a lot of books in a short period of time—and your job is to read them—you notice flaws much more readily, especially when they extend across multiple books. Gillian delves into the reasons why writers who focus on creating worlds and characters need to be aware of the cultural contexts readers bring to them and the discomfort those new contexts can produce.

Literary Amusements
Wise, witty, and sardonic quotes about books and reading plus quirky and interesting literary factoids. 

On Marking Books: Laine Farley & Lauren Roberts
The passion of bookmark collecting found a home in the column, On Marking Books, that Laine and Lauren shared since the beginning. Bookmarks themselves are almost featherweight, but the collective weight of their history, background, cultural influence, and historical significance is substantial. In this final column, the two co-writers and co-collectors reminiscence.



Art of the Book
We found these excellent websites, blogs, and videos that celebrate the book arts of illustration, illumination, printing, typography.

Book Donations
These organizations work to get books into the hands of those who need and want them but cannot otherwise afford them, and we recommend them.

Copyright & Plagiarism
Looking for information on Intellectual Property issues? These websites and blogs offer reliable, up-to-date information for people in all the creative professions. 

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Bookmark Blogs & Sites
If you love bookmarks as much as we do, you’ll love these sites that talk about and sell bookmarks.

Book-Related Blogs
We go on searches to find what we think are the best of today's literary blogs, the ones worth reading. And these are among them.

Book-Related Sites
Belly up to this bibliophile snack bar and dig in because these literary websites are delicious and satisfying.

Shopping for Booklovers
Oooh, shopping! Use this page to find reading- and book-related gifts for yourself and others.


About Us
How did BiblioBuffet begin? Where did the idea come from? This page will give you some background on where we began—and it wasn’t from  the stork.

Submit Books for Review
Learn what genres we review, what we don't want, and what reviewing preferences each of our reviewers has. 


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