BiblioBuffet's mission is to bring into the public eye high-quality books regardless of whether those come from commercial publishers of any size, university presses, or from self-published authors. We will consider any books other than those in the following genres: business, self-help, true crime, New Age, and romance. Books published through publishing services such as those from iUniverse (especially those that come through its Authors Guild and ASJA partnerships), Xlibris, Booklocker, and Lulu will also be considered, but as always our first priority for review consideration is quality. 

How is quality determined? The traditional way—that of an editor accepting on behalf of a publishing house and offering an advance—is changing. Sometimes rights to out-of-print books are reverted to authors who may elect to re-publish the book themselves. Sometimes multi-published authors may choose to publish one or more books themselves. And since there is no one way to excellent books, BiblioBuffet’s doors are open to all possibilities.

As stated, we focus on quality. Things we look at include whether the book was professionally edited; whether the author has published anything else, either in print or online, in a professional capacity (personal blogs don’t count); and if the book has been blurbed  by anyone recognizable. First and foremost, we look at story. Is it well written? Is it worthy of our readers’ time and attention? Finally, does the cover art and interior design of the book meet commercial standards?

Finally, like most publications and blogs we receive far more books than we can review. Our reviewers make their own selections not just from books they receive but from books they find and request. Note, however, that a request is not a promise to review; it is the first step in considering a book for review. When a review is run, the publicist or publisher is always notified and sent a link. Books not selected for review are donated to libraries or nonprofit organizations.

We prefer finished copies of books, but ARCs are acceptable. If it is an e-book, please contact the reviewer to ask if she or he reviews them. Books, catalogs and press releases can be sent to Lauren Roberts at the address below, or you may contact an individual reviewer via e-mail for her or his mailing address. Our reviewers’ preferences are listed below, However, we are always open to other genres—excluding the ones noted above—and encourage publishers to send us any books they would like us to consider.


Elizabeth Creith

Science Fictio
Animals (fiction or nonfiction)
Young Adult

Nicki Leone

Travel literature
Mystery and suspense
Science fiction & fantasy
Biography and memoir
Essays and cultural criticism
Nature and garden
Food writing
History (especially Ancient, American, European, Russian and Middle Eastern)
Art and art history
Fiction (especially historical, literary and books with a strong sense of place)
Books about books and the literary or artistic life

Gillian Polack

Science fiction and fantasy
Medieval history and Medieval studies
Australian history
Jewish history and Jewish studies (especially Australian)
Food history and food culture
Historical fiction
The history of books and writing

Lev Raphael

History (any period)
World War II
Literary fiction
Historical fiction
Memoir and Biography
Collected Letters
Cultural criticism
Art history
History of religion
Fiction in translation
European crime fiction
Books about France or Germany in any genre
Anything beautifully written with a compelling voice
Lauren Roberts 
Audio books (fiction or nonfiction)
Re-issues of classical literature
Nonfiction, specifically these categories:
American culture and history
Biography and memoir
Books about books
Food culture and history
Home decor
Photography (fine art)

Carl Rollyson



Please note that we only review books we believe are worthy of readers’ attention and time. Honesty and integrity are essential components of BiblioBuffet’s reviews, and no payments or other gratuities are solicited or accepted. All reviewers adhere to an ethical code that includes a prohibition of reviews of books by people they know. If you have any questions about our policies or reviews, please contact us.

Nicki Leone, Managing Editor
Lauren Roberts, Editor in Chief    

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